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Erik Sakkov, NAG management board member Source: (Siim Lõvi /ERR)
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According to Erik Sakkov, management board member of the Nordic Aviation Group (NAG), Toomas Uibo serving on the company’s supervisory board doesn’t constitute a conflict of interest because the supervisory board does not actively participate in leading the company.

Sakkov told the Baltic News Service that he sees no problem with Uibo belonging to NAG's supervisory board as well as a company cooperating with NAG, Nordic Aviation Academy (NAA).

"There is no conflict of interest because he doesn't take part actively and regularly in leading the company, and can't therefore wangle any additional benefits for himself," Sakkov said.

He added that there are not too many competent people in Estonian aviation and therefore people inevitably know each other. "Uibo is on the supervisory board because he knows aviation and the business, not because he is trying to promote his interests," Sakkov said.

ERR News had reported on Monday that member of the supervisory board of the Nordic Aviation Group, Toomas Uibo, was also closely connected to the Nordic Aviation Academy, a company with close ties to Nordic Crew Management, who provide crew outsourcing services to NAG.


Comment by the editor:

A conflict of interest does not imply impropriety. It does not imply that anything illegal is going on.

Which means it isn’t settled by pointing out or even proving that nothing explicitly illegal is taking place.

A conflict of interest means that people in a certain situation can’t be considered beyond reproach.

What does affect the matter of a potential conflict of interest is that there are personal as well as business connections between the different companies, and that not only strategic as well as day-to-day business decisions matter, but also the information that passes back and forth between different stakeholders.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn

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