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The 2016 edition of Eesti Laul continues this Saturday with the second semi-final. The first act to perform will be tri-national rock band Go Away Bird.

Estonian singer Hanna Parman initially thought her invitation to contribute vocals for what would later become 'Go Away Bird' was a joke.

Russian songwriter and guitarist Stanislav Bulganin had initially contacted American keyboardist Dirk Lloyd to collaborate on some demos and soon began the search for the perfect vocalist.

Parman was performing in a punk band at the time where she was "screaming more than singing" and decided to "sleep sing" on the demos as a joke of her own.

The joke backfired in a positive way as Bulganin was impressed with her vocals and Go Away Bird was formed, much to Parman's surprise.

"I was surprised I could sing that way, but I think Stas somehow sensed it," she said with a grin.

The band is named after a real life bird from Southern Africa which utters a cry that sounds remarkably like the bird is shouting "go away!"

"The bird looks a little bit punk and we thought it was really funny, so it was a cool name," commented Bulganin.

Go Away Bird's Eesti Laul entry 'Sally' was not initially created for the contest but when it came time to work on the song in the studio the band decided to try and tailor it to the format.

This meant deviating from the band's more traditionally alternative sound.

"It's got a lot of the same elements as our other songs have, but it's more of a pop song," explained Lloyd.

"Sally is definitely our most mainstream song," added Bulganin.

The song tells the story of a girl called Sally who is lost in a life of partying and bad relationships.

The band members playfully disagree on what the message of the song is about.

"I think we are kind of singing to her and telling her to get it together," said Parman.

"It's not a message for her to stop it, it's cool, she should keep on," said Bulganin in a playful rebuttal.

The three band members each have different opinions and favourites among the other competing entries.

Parman was particularly fond of Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid's 'Immortality' and I Wear* Experiment's 'Patience' while Lloyd expressed a preference to Púr Múdd's 'Meet Halfway'.

Bulganin however looked much closer to home for his preferred entry.

"I like our song," he confessed with a laughed.

The ticket to Eurovision is not the main focus in the minds of Go Away Bird as they have one goal from the competition.

"We are hoping to get to the final. That's the plan, simple as that," stated Bulganin.

After the contest Go Away Bird will return to the studio to finish up an album that should be expected by the beginning of autumn.

Go Away Bird perform in the second semi-final on Saturday 20 February.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn

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