Finnish defense minister: Redirecting the flow of refugees is part of hybrid warfare ({{commentsTotal}})

Finland’s defense minister Jussi Niinistö said in Helsinki on Monday that just like economic and political pressure, cyberattacks and influencing the opinion of the people, redirecting the flow of refugees was part of hybrid warfare, and that Finland had become a target.

“We are not at war, although the influence of certain means of hybrid warfare is noticeable in Finland. One of them is the leaking of the eastern border. For this we need a political solution with Russia,” Niinistö said.

Several thousand asylum applicants have recently crossed the Finnish-Russian border. The minister sees this development as part of hybrid warfare, which, he said, was not a new thing.

“You don’t have to go further back than to our Winter and Continuation Wars,” Niinistö said, pointing to communist Otto Wille Kuusinen’s puppet government of the Finnish Civil War, and to Aino Kallio, called “Moskovan Tiltu," who was the Finnish voice of Soviet propaganda in the 1940s. “Kuusinens and Tiltus of one or the other kind are with us today as well,” he said.

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