Four-language book completed about nature in Setomaa region ({{commentsTotal}})

The culmination of a decade of effort, the second installment in the "Setomaa" anthology, dedicated to nature in the Setomaa region, has been completed.

Written with scientic precision, but in an accessible, popular science style, the articles included span the bulk of scientific knowledge currently available about nature in the Setomaa region, including in regions on both sides of Petseri (Pechory). The volume includes 59 scientific articles which give a sound overview of the flora and fauna as well as the inanimate nature of Setomaa.

The book is written in four languages—in addition to Estonian-language scientific articles, it includes article summaries in Russian, English and Seto as well.

The first book in the "Setomaa" anthology was dedicated to the distant history of the region. The next installment will focus on the language, folklore and culture.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik

Source: "Aktuaalne kaamera"

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