Italy, Greece submitted files on 21 possible refugees to Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

Italy and Greece have submitted the files of 21 individuals that may be relocated to Estonia. Upon review by the Estonian Refugee Policy Coordination Body, however, it was evident that it would not yet be possible to judge whether or not these people need to be relocated to Estonia based on the files alone.

According to Raivo Küüt, chief of the Refugee Policy Coordination Body, preparations for refugee relocation are proceeding according to plan, ERR's television news reported.

Italy has submitted to Estonia the files of eight Eritreans, based on which it was difficult to ascertain whether or not they required protection.

Greece has submitted 13 files on individuals originating from Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. According to Küüt, cooperation between Greece and Estonia has good, and officials from Estonia will have the opportunity to meet in Greece with the individuals that are set for relocation to Estonia.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik