Avraham Shmulevich: Russia continues on track to restoring empire ({{commentsTotal}})

According to President of the Institute of the Eastern Partnership Avraham Shmulevich, Russia is continuing on its course to restore the Russian Empire and will do so for as long as Vladimir Putin is in power.

“If Putin remains in power, then the dream of the empire isn’t going anywhere,” said Shmulevich in an interview with Postimees. “He will try to make this happen by alternative means to all-out war with the West, first and foremost with the work of special services, propaganda, and diplomacy.”

According to Shmulevich, there is unfortunately also risk of global conflict, because if Russian leaders are seriously saying that they are ready to start a world war and use a nuclear weapon, then there is no reason to doubt them.

“If Putin should someday truly unleash a great war, Russia will be on the losing side, as the Germans or Japanese once were, and this would be the Russians’ chance to free themselves from the imperial syndrome,” stated Shmulevich.

Avraham Shmulevich, president of the Institute of Eastern Partnership, is an Israeli rabbi and political scientist of Russian background who has advised the government administrations of Georgia, Ukraine, and Israel.

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