Savisaar: Prime Minister out of touch with reality ({{commentsTotal}})

Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas’ remarks to the effect that the present government was doing a good job and there was no need for fundamental reforms showed that he had a poor understanding of the real situation, Center's Edgar Savisaar said.

"Let's start with the fact that most people of Estonia give the leader of the government a record low job approval rating," Savisaar said through party spokespeople. He added that support for the ruling coalition parties was melting away, and that it was lower than that of the opposition.

According to Savisaar it is telling that several former prime ministers have voiced critical opinions of the government led by Taavi Rõivas (Reform).

"Tiit Vähi, Mart Laar, Siim Kallas and I have spoken critically about this government. I can't remember having had a leader of the government, looking at which practically all the predecessors clutch their heads, worrying that totally incompetent amateurs are at the helm of the state. Even Andrus Ansip hasn't had much good to say about his successor," Savisaar said.

As regards the need for reforms, Savisaar considered the belief that the state was doing well and only needed some fine-tuning “removed from real life.”

"We have very serious problems that unfortunately cannot be solved by making cosmetic changes to tax laws. Substantive reform is precisely what we need. The fact that the prime minister doesn’t realize this shows that he simply doesn't realise what is actually going on in our country," Savisaar said.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn