State Prosecutor: Biggest work on Savisaar’s criminal case done ({{commentsTotal}})

State Prosecutor Lavly Perling said on Tuesday that in the case of suspended mayor of Tallinn and Center Party chairman Edgar Savisaar, most work was done, but that her office wasn’t in a hurry to take the matter to court.

As Perling said to daily Eesti Päevaleht, this case had required intense and public investigations. “Now the investigative division has some more work to do. With this, the stage begins where the charges are put together, and then we can take the matter to court,” she said.

The Prosecutor also said that she didn’t want to publish a date, as this would put pressure on the investigators and could negatively affect their work.

“I can only repeat that this is an important matter to us, and we’re doing everything we can to make it to court as quickly as possible,” Perling said.

The State Prosecutor’s office suspects Savisaar of having accepted bribes repeatedly, people suspected of having bribed him are businessman Alexander Kofkin, Porto Franco OÜ shareholder Hillar Teder, Rand & Tuulberg shareholder Aivar Tuulberg, and owner of Silikaat Grupp Vello Kunman.

Former politician and current advisor of Silikaat Grupp Villu Reiljan is suspected of having arranged the matter, and Chairman of the Tallinn City Council Kalev Kallo of having aided in it.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn