Recent “Logo of Estonia” contest flopped ({{commentsTotal}})

Though the contest received over 700 different designs for the next logo to represent the Estonian brand, organizers decided that they will not be choosing a winning design from among them and that the contest's prize fund of 10,000€ will be split among finalists.

According to its organizers, the contest did not receive the kind of designs whose “further development would have lead to the best possible results.”

The national brand development team’s next step is to schedule a roundtable discussion with various designers and state representatives for mid-March, which will focus on how to achieve the best possible visual solutions for introducing the Estonia to the world.

“We thank everyone who has contributed and continues to contribute to the “What is Estonia?” joint project,” said Paul Kristjan Lilje, chief of the Estonian national brand renewal project. “We’d like to specially thank and recognize the five authors and collectives whose works were nominated for the top prize, between whom we will be splitting the prize fund equally.”

Lille went on to explain that including the public in the logo contest helped give them a better idea of what imagery and messages are associated with Estonia, but likewise also sparked a fiery debate over whether the chosen means will lead to the best results for the country.

The final stage of the brand renewal project is slated to coincide with the Estonian preisdency of the European Union as well as the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Estonian independence in 2018.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik