Orkla Group to shift Gutta juice production from Latvia to Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

Gutta tomato juice on a supermarket shelf in Pärnu. Source: (PRNPM/EMF)

Norwegian conglomerate Orkla Group has decided to relocate Gutta-brand juice production from Latvia to Estonia and shift mayonnaise and salad dressing production to Latvia.

In a recent press release, director of Orkla Foods Latvija Lolita Bemhena stated, "In order to ensure company growth and the introduction of modern technologies, the company will be focusing on specialization and investing in the production of certain categories of food items.”

Orkla will continue to produce Gutta juices, nectars, and drinks in its Valdlauči plant until the beginning of next year, after which production, together with part of the factory’s fittings, will be relocated to the Põltsamaa Felix plant in Estonia’s Jõgeva County. The Orkla Foods Latvija team will continue to handle product development and marketing in Latvia and export markets. The Gutta plant in Valdlauči is slated to be sold after production has been relocated to Põltsamaa next year.

Orkla will also be shifting production of mayonnaise and salad dressings meant for Estonian and Finnish markets from Estonia to Latvia, and production of mustard, mayonnaise, and tomato sauces designed for the Lithuanian market from Latvia to Lithuania.

Orkla Group is a food and consumer goods conglomerate which operates in the Nordic and Baltic regions, specific markets in Central Europe, Russia, and India. Publicly traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange in Norway, Orkla had a turnover of NOK 33 billion in 2013, and according to the company’s published “Annual Report 2011”, employed approximately 30,000 employees as of the end of 2011.

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Source: BNS

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