IRL: Time for Center Party to appoint new Tallinn mayor ({{commentsTotal}})

The Center Party needed to find a new mayor for Tallinn, as not a single substantive decision had been made in the city since mayor Edgar Savisaar went on sick leave a year ago. The administration of the capital was in a state of disarray, city council member Kaido Kukk (IRL) said.

“It’s been a year today since Edgar Savisaar was taken to the intensive care unit of Tartu University Hospital, and after returning to work in August he was removed from office by a court decision in September. Tallinn has been without a mayor for a year now," Kukk said in remarks published by party spokespeople.

Kukk called the situation absurd, as the city government wasn't able to make decisions without Savisaar. He said that it was up to the Center Party to put an end to the current power vacuum. “A new mayor and a new city government must be appointed who are ready to make decisions and govern the city without Savisaar," Kukk said.

Kukk pointed out that since Savisaar left, not a single substantive decision had been made or initiative launched.

"The city's budget for this year is an exact copy of the budget of last year, with small amounts of money added exactly to the same item lines,” Kukk said. He also said that the agendas of council meetings had become shorter and shorter, and besides rubber-stamping existing plans, nothing much had happened there in quite a while.

According to Kukk, this shows how much the city government was concentrated and built around Edgar Savisaar’s person. Savisaar, who is being investigated and suspected of corruption, money laundering, and accepting illegal political donations, has been suspended from office by court order.

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Source: BNS

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