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Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas meeting Speaker Paul Ryan
Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas meeting Speaker Paul Ryan Source: (Riigikantselei)

Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas (Reform) met Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan in Washington on Tuesday. Ryan expressed his wish that the U.S. would broaden their presence in Europe to include the Baltics as well.

Rõivas continued his work visit to the United States in Washington, where he opened a seminar on Estonian-American defense cooperation. He also met with ride-share company Uber’s strategic director David Plouffe and attended a reception arranged by local Estonians.

The visit to the Capitol was the most important part of Rõivas’ visit, where he met with Speaker Paul Ryan. “We talked in detail about the fact that it’s very important to our region that the United States increase their presence, and that they increase funding for their presence in Europe. Naturally, Paul Ryan’s role in this is important.”

The Prime Minister said that Ryan assured him he would do what he could to ensure that the U.S. guaranteed deterrence by broadening their presence in Europe to include Eastern Europe as well.

Rõivas also appeared as a guest on the Daily Show, where he talked about Estonia. Commenting on the attacks in Brussels, Rõivas said that those escaping from terrorism shouldn’t be accused of it.

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