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President Ilves bestowed Gen. Philip M. Breedlove with the Estonian Order of the Cross of the Eagle, 1st Class today, March 29, 2016. Source: (Siim Teder/Estonian Defence Forces)

Commander of the US European Command and NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe Gen. Philip M. Breedlove visited Tallinn to meet with President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Commander-in-Chief of the Estonian Defence Forces Lt. Gen. Riho Terras today.

According to a press release from the United States Embassy in Tallinn, President Ilves bestowed Breedlove with the Estonian Order of the Cross of the Eagle, 1st Class today, an order bestowed to give recognition for military service in the field of national defense.

In a press release from the Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces, Terras commented, “With his previous contacts and experience in military service, Gen. Breedlove has been one of the Baltic States’ and Poland’s strongest supporters, who has, during his term, brought NATO’s focus back to Europe.”

Breedlove responded by thanking President Ilves, the Estonian Defence Forces, as well as the people of Estonia for being great partners and a voice that could be counted on. “You have been a stalwart ally and a smart ally and a demanding ally,” he said of Estonia, “And I like all of that.”

Approaching the end of his appointment as Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), Breedlove also took the opportunity on his brief visit to discuss with Ilves and Terras opportunities to build a stronger military partnership and the possible increase of NATO force presence in Europe.

The general, who has been serving as the 17th SACEUR since May 13, 2013, will be replaced on May 4 by Gen. Curtis Michael Scaparrotti, the current Commander of United Nations Command, ROK-US Combined Forces Command, and US Forces Korea.

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