Survey: Estonians consider migration crisis more dangerous than Russian aggression ({{commentsTotal}})

Two thirds of respondents thought migration was more dangerous than potential Russian aggression, the survey showed.

The survey was conducted by Turu-Uuringute AS and the Institute of Social Studies of the University of Tartu. Orientalist Peeter Espak said that the ongoing migration crisis had replaced Russia as the perceived greatest threat to the country, and that worries about recent events in Western Europe as well as the ongoing violence in the Middle East had taken over.

Half of respondents supported the view that in the case of a sudden rise in immigration across the country’s eastern border, Estonia should follow the example of Hungary and build a border fence, and, if necessary, use force against the people trying to cross it.

The survey asked people to assess the danger Russian aggression and the migration crisis posed to Estonia. 64% of respondents said they were more worried about the latter.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn