Radio broadcast: Who does Center Party want replacing Savisaar as mayor? ({{commentsTotal}})

Andrus Karnau, journalist and host of Raadio 2 weekly broadcast "Olukorrast riigis" ("The Situation in the Country"), raised the question in today's broadcast of who the Center Party would like to see replacing Edgar Savisaar as the new mayor of Tallinn.

According to Karnau, the fact that the deputy mayors of Tallinn visited Savisaar, who was removed by court order from his position as mayor of Tallinn in September 2015, at his home in Lääne-Viru County in order to offer him the position of chairman of Tallinn city council, was a sign that the party did actually want to be rid of him as mayor, as the position needed to be vacated for someone else.

“This is an example of the incessant power struggle in the Center Party,” said Karnau.

In the host's opinion, one potential candidate for the position of mayor may be Jüri Ratas, although the spot was not guaranteed to the current chairman of the Estonian Olympic Committee (EOK). Karnau also thought that another potential option would be a promotion of one of the city’s deputy mayors.

Regardless, however, Karnau found that offering Savisaar the position of city council chairman was not done out of politeness, but rather as part of a continued power struggle within the party.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik