Riigikogu supports proposal to give partners in same-sex relationships opportunity to apply for residence permit ({{commentsTotal}})

Same-sex couple. Photo is illustrative.
Same-sex couple. Photo is illustrative. Source: (Reuters/Scanpix)

The Riigikogu supported the Chancellor of Justice’s proposal on Monday to amend the Aliens Act and allow partners of Estonians in a registered same-sex partnership to get a residence permit.

The Chancellor of Justice proposed to adapt the Aliens Act to the requirements of the constitution, which demands the equal treatment of registered same-sex couples and married couples.

Of the Riigikogu’s MPs, 42 voted in favor and 19 against. There were three abstentions. With this result, the chancellor’s proposal had the parliament’s support, and the matter was passed on to the Constitutional Committee, which will work on the new draft law.

Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise pointed to the fact that the Aliens Act allowed spouses of Estonian residents to apply for a residence permit, while it didn’t provide the same opportunity to partners of Estonian residents in registered same-sex partnerships.

Madise also brought out that as the Aliens Act treated married couples and registered same-sex couples differently, the current regulation was discriminatory.

Member of the Constitutional Committee, MP Andrus Anvelt (SDE), presented an overview of the discussions in the committee, where different aspects of granting residence permits were deliberated. The committee supported the chancellor’s proposal with three votes in favour, two against, and one abstention.

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