Ligi: Special educational needs students can be taught in regular schools ({{commentsTotal}})

In response to the OECD report published on Wednesday, Minister of Education and Research Jürgen Ligi (Reform) said that the Estonian education system offered enough support to special educational needs students to study in regular schools.

Ligi also confirmed that the authors of the OECD’s Review of School Resources for Estonia acknowledged the direction of development Estonia has taken.

To ETV’s “Aktuaalne Kaamera” Ligi said on Wednesday that special educational needs students could fit into regular schools very well. “We have the smallest classes in the OECD, and the specialists don’t want to separate special needs students from regular students,” Ligi said.

The minister added that there certainly were students who needed to be in smaller classes or to be taught individually. This is what they were working on, and the OECD recommended to continue.

“We’re far from perfection, but the direction is right. It would surely be wrong to make parents’ poorly defined special wishes the basis of education policy,” Ligi said.

Statistically, among the OECD countries Estonia had the smallest amount of students who couldn’t cope with their studies, and the most evenly distributed level of education, the minister pointed out.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn