€2.5m allocated to activities related to EU distribution quota ({{commentsTotal}})

The government decided on Thursday to allocate €100,000 to the Ministry of Social Affairs and €2.4m to the Ministry of the Interior. The money will be drawn from the government’s reserve
for the European Union’s migration action plan.

Beyond the assessment of security risks the money will be spent mainly to cover the cost of additional task areas in the ministries, the government’s press office stated.

In accordance with the EU’s migration system, Estonia will take in up to 550 applicants for asylum or international protection within the next two years. Applicants of a different origin are not included in the number.

The Ministry of Social Affairs’ application for funding covers labor costs for three additional jobs. The Ministry of the Interior’s application includes the Internal Security Service as well as the Police and Border Guard Board.

The money allocated to the Police and Border Guard will be spent on labor and accommodation costs, travel allowances, training, and on the translation of materials necessary for the placement programs for new arrivals.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn