United States sends additional troops to Eastern Europe ({{commentsTotal}})

U.S. soldiers in Estonia.
U.S. soldiers in Estonia. Source: (mil.ee)

Finnish paper Turun Sanomat reported on Friday that the United States intended to merge its troops currently training in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States into a new brigade.

Up to 500 tanks would be at the new brigade’s disposal, and with it, 9,000 troops would stand ready to ensure the security of Estonia, the paper reported.

In addition, all the equipment of a heavy brigade would be shipped to Europe.

Jack Hillmeyer of the U.S.’ NATO mission said that soldiers would be transported to wherever they were required, and the equipment they needed to fight would already be waiting for them. This concept would allow NATO to quickly redirect its forces if necessary, Hillmeyer said.

Finnish defense minister Jussi Niinistö said that the strengthening of the Baltic States’ defense base was also good for Finland. Niinistö welcomed the fact that there were forces present who could quickly stabilize a potential crisis situation in Finland’s neighborhood.

The measures are part of NATO European Reassurance Initiative program (ERI) intended to counter Russia’s increasingly aggressive behavior. As for American personnel in Estonia, there are currently about 150 troops stationed here.

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