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A high-school classroom in Estonia.
A high-school classroom in Estonia. Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Harju County Court has sentenced a 17-year-old minor to prison for the prostitution of his underage friend.

The court found Egert guilty of human trafficking in the exploitation of a minor and sentenced him to two years in prison, eight months and 18 days of which must be served physically in prison. The remainder of the sentence is to be served conditionally with two years of probation.

He has also been sentenced to pay 1,075€ in compensation levies, which may be paid in installments over the course of one year.

The minor is considered to have begun serving his sentence on the day of his detention as a suspect on July 29 of last year.

Also on trial was Tiit, 63, who had paid for the sexual services of the underage girl. The courts sentenced the man conditionally to four months in prison followed by two years of probation.

The charges

According to charges, Egert repeatedly pressured three underage girls into prostitution, of which one ended up complying. Egert then arranged for clients for the girl by posing as her on the dating website iha.ee, through which he arranged meetings with different men for the girl.

Per the charges, Egert then sent his underage friend to these prearranged meetings, where she was made to perform a variety of sexual acts on the men. She was paid 40-200€ per encounter, which she would then deliver to Egert.

According to Special Prosecutor Leelet Kivioja, it is regrettable that the purchasing sexual services from minors has become an integral part of life for some men.

Kivioja also stressed that it remained the onus of the client to ensure that any provider of sexual services was of legal age.

The criminal investigation identified another nine adult men who had paid the underage girl for sexual services; these men are set to go on trial on April 18.

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