Ida-Viru County unemployment exceeds 12% ({{commentsTotal}})

Job ads at an EUIF-organized job fair.
Job ads at an EUIF-organized job fair. Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

During the month of March, Estonia’s highest registered unemployment rate was in Ida-Viru County (12.4 percent), while the country’s lowest rate was in Harju County (3.7 percent).

Registered unemployment was on the decline in most Estonian counties, but unemployment in Ida-Viru County had increased by one half of one percent.

Across the country, a total of 32,638 people, or 5.1 percent of all members of the workforce from 16 years of age through pension age, were registered as unemployed

As of the end of March, the majority of registered unemployed persons who had been previously employed was comprised of skilled workers and craftsmen (20 percent), manual laborers (19 percent), and customer service and sales staff (17 percent).

Statistics regarding registered unemployment are based on administrative records; they reflect the number of persons who have officially registered themselves as unemployed with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Information regarding overall unemployment, employment, and inactivity is gathered by the Statistical Office via quarterly employment surveys.

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