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Abdul Turay. Source: (Jaanus Lensment/Postimees)

Estonian businessman and longtime party supporter Peeter Rebane has left the Center Party, while Tallinn City Councilman Abdul Turay has left the Social Democratic Party (SDE), reported Estonian daily Postimees.

“To be honest, I got tired of the nonsense of Jaanus Karilaid and his gang,” Rebane told the paper. “The party is not what it once used to be.”

Rebane went on, “I still have respect for Edgar [Savisaar]. I weighed this decision for some time, but as certain principles remain important to me, I left.”

When asked if he would continue to support the Center Party in the future, Rebane replied that “The people and the party are two different things. There are many sensible people in the party, but unfortunately, there are also many unreasonable ones as well.”

According to the Central Commercial Register, the businessman had officially stepped out on March 15. He had been a member of the Center Party since 2006, and its staunch supporter for a number of years.

The Estonian paper also reported that British expat, freelance journalist, and Tallinn City Councilman Abdul Turay has left the Social Democratic Party (SDE), also submitting a request to leave the party group in the city council.

“For the past few months, I have thought about the nature of Estonian politics, and I feel more strongly than ever that I am not happy with the party to which I belong,” said Turay. He added that a number of the party’s decisions had baffled him, including the party deciding to remain a part of the present government coalition, which is comprised of the SDE, the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL), and the Reform Party. In addition, he was also unhappy with the party’s liberal refugee policy.

Turay also stated that he has not yet ruled out joining the Center Party in the future, as he felt that Center had the strongest position in which to combat both the intolerance spreading in society as well as more radical movements such as the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE).

Abdul Turay noted that he was to begin working for Tallinn Development and Training Centre. He had been a member of the Social Democratic Party in Estonia since 2013.

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Source: BNS

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