Põlva County encouraging residents to shop local during “Patriot’s Month” campaign ({{commentsTotal}})

From April 11 to May 13, Põlva County is promoting “Patriot’s Month,” during which local businesses are drawing attention to the importance of consuming local goods and services.

According to ETV’s nightly news broadcast “Aktuaalne kaamera,” Põlvamaa Patrioot (“Põlva County Patriot”), a nonprofit representing nine businesses operating in Põlva County in Southeast Estonia, has a simple message — that while local goods and services may not always be the cheapest, it is still important to shop local, as doing so is an investment in the sustainability of life in smaller communities, and helps provide jobs for local residents as well.

While last year the campaign focused on reaching out to the county’s younger residents, this year the focus is on its elderly population.

“It is not just a matter of products,” explained Andres Trumm, member of the management board at ARKE Meat Processing Plant, noting that the campaign also promoted the use of local services as well.

Referring to an Estonian proverb recommending that one should get acquainted with nearby areas before heading abroad, Trumm pointed out that “...there are actually many lovely tourist farms in Põlva County where one could spend the night. One could at least go to the market and buy local strawberries directly from a pensioner there rather than strawberries imported from Poland from the store. There are plenty of things to buy and ways to support [local businesses].”

Trumm also added that the nonprofit also worked on promoting ways that younger generations could help support local businesses as well.

The month-long campaign includes a program that will bring representatives of the county's local businesses to every parish in Põlva County to meet with residents, as well as the introduction of a special logo promoting "The Best from Põlvamaa," which is also intended to help consumers more easily identify locally-produced goods and services when shopping.

Tootemärgi eesmärgiks on kohalike toodete ja teenuste tarbimise propageerimine ja ühtlasi hõlbustab see tarbijatel põlvamaiste toodete leidmist kaubandusest.

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