Greece forwards files of 15 refugees to Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

Idomeni refugee camp in Greece, March 2016.
Idomeni refugee camp in Greece, March 2016. Source: (Johannes Tralla/ERR)

Greek authorities have forwarded the files of an additional 15 refugees for review by Estonia in April. The refugees are originally from Syria and Iraq.

Among the 15 refugees are three families, one couple, as well as one single man, Ministry of the Interior spokespeople told BNS.

Estonia had received files on 15 people from Greece in March as well, among whom were four families and a single man, originally hailing from Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. Interviews had been conducted with all of them.

According to the spokespeople, as of April 12, member states of the EU had already relocated 615 refugees from Greece and 530 from Italy to elsewhere in the union in part of a refugee relocation deal reached with Turkey this spring.

Estonia has informed Greek and Italian authorities that it can accept up to 15 refugees from Greece and eight refugees from Italy per month.

The first seven war refugees to Estonia, who had been relocated from Greece as a part of the EU migrant relocation program, arrived in late March; the group comprised of a family of five from Iraq, one man from Syria, as well as one man from Yemen. They were settled in the country’s capital city of Tallinn and second-biggest city Tartu.

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Source: BNS