Pevkur: More manpower for special units ({{commentsTotal}})

Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur (Reform) said on Friday that rapid reaction units as well as the K-Commando special unit of the criminal police needed to be expanded in response to the changing security environment of the eastern border.

The ability of the police as well as the border guard to react quickly needed to improve, Pevkur said. He added that it was part of the budgetary strategy the government approved on Thursday to make the eastern border the most modern in Europe.

The minister said that though the threat estimate hadn’t changed, the Police and Border Guard Board agreed that increasing the number of specially trained personnel was necessary. About the border guard’s own rapid reaction units, Pevkur said that their manpower needed to increase, and their readiness improved.

Equipping the eastern border with state-of-the-art technology would cost over €70m, Pevkur said, and that the aim was still to complete the project by 2018.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn