Russian TV journalists kept from crossing the border ({{commentsTotal}})

ERR’s Russian TV news reported that three Russian TV journalists had been held up at the Russian-Estonian border on Monday. They weren’t allowed to pass the Narva border crossing, and their Schengen visas were revoked.

According to Russian media, the journalists were told that they couldn’t work for their TV stations while in Estonia based on Schengen tourist visas.

The Police and Border Guard Board’s press spokeswoman, Viktoria Korpan, said that three individuals had been kept from crossing the border. Their visas, issued in Finland, were insufficient, as their intent wasn’t to enter the country as tourists, Korpan said. “Their visas were declared invalid, and they went back to the Russian Federation.”

The TV journalists intended to record the work of an expedition looking for a submarine that sank in the Gulf of Finland in 1943.

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