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The average price of electricity in the Estonian bidding area of the Nordic electricity exchange Nord Pool increased by €0.32 month over month to €29.41 per MWh in April.

In the Latvian bidding area the average price was €30.71, in Lithuania €33.03 per MWh. In Finland the average price was lower than in the Baltic countries, at €27.25 per MWh, while the average system price of Nord Pool was €22.12 per MWh, the Estonian transmission system operator Elering reported.

The day-ahead power flow of transmission capacity was as usual mainly from Finland to Estonia and from Estonia to Latvia. Both the Finland-Estonia and Estonia-Latvia connections used more than 60% of transmission capacity last month.

Judging by financial transactions on the Nasdaq OMX Commodities market, the average price of electricity in the Nord Pool price area of Estonia in May is expected to be €30.65 per MWh, the average price in the second quarter €32.80 per MWh.

Income from the transmission capacity of the Estonia-Finland and Estonia-Latvia connections was around €1m in April.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn

Source: BNS