Estonian Land Board granted €1 million for purchase of protected lands ({{commentsTotal}})

One million euros was allocated from state financial reserves for the purchase of lands under conservation restrictions, a sum which will pay for the purchase of nearly 30 properties with a total area of 232 hectares, or just over 573 acres.

The state will purchase lands under conservation restrictions in accordance with the Nature Conservation Act in such cases where these restrictions significantly impede upon the owner’s use of their land.

The state will purchase properties at market value and in order of the receipt of owners’ applications.

Over time, the state has acquired over 10,000 hectares, or 24,700 acres, of land under conservation restrictions worth a total of 64 million euros.

According to the Land Board, they currently have the capacity to purchase approximately 80 properties per year.

Assuming that the owners of all properties under conservation restrictions submit corresponding applications, the Ministry of the Environment estimates that a total of nearly 50 million euros may be spent on purchasing them.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik