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If made to choose between current presidential candidates Marina Kaljurand and Siim Kallas, MEP Indrek Tarand has made clear that he would support Kaljurand. Source: (Siim Lõvi /ERR)

If the choice for next president were between Marina Kaljurand and Siim Kallas, MEP Indrek Tarand, himself a candidate in the previous 2011 presidential elections, would surely favor Kaljurand.

"If the choice were between Kaljurand and Kallas, then naturally I would support Marina Kaljurand, who — speak nothing of the fact that she would correspond to my notion that there should be more women in Estonian politics — is a sharp individual, unlike Siim Kallas,” said Tarand in an interview with radio station Vikerraadio.

In Tarand’s opinion, Kallas’ career thus far could be measured in appointments to various offices, whose “...price is often betrayal on Kallas’ part. Let us recall the agreement reached with [Juhan] Parts, the breakup of [Mart] Laar’s administration, the deal with [Edgar] Savisaar.”

Which candidate the Reform Party itself may be leaning toward, however, Tarand couldn’t comment, as he stated that he wasn’t familiar enough with the inner workings of the party’s members.

“Last I heard, Rein Lang’s bolshevist psychology began to show and he started saying that citizens belonging to parties are much better than non-party members, and that they automatically have a mandate,” said Tarand. “I don’t know what mandate Lang is talking about; he didn’t even run in the last elections.”

Regarding his own chances of becoming a presidential candidate again, Tarand commented that he doesn’t have the necessary party political support, but he was nonetheless willing to introduce his ideas to the country’s various political parties.

He also recalled the fact that the President of the Republic Election Act, which he had attempted to highlight during the most recent presidential elections five years ago, remained weak and needed revamping.

“Rather than dealing with improving presidential election procedures, the political class has the audacity to offer us a bill which would allow MPs to also belong to local government councils,” said Tarand regarding the situation today. “Such things make me anxious.”

The MEP also did not agree with the claim that Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE) Chairman Mart Helme would have a good shot at the presidency should the elections end up in the hands of the electoral body.

“Helme doesn’t have a chance,” said Tarand. “This is a Reform Party scare tactic. Estonian citizens [in the electoral body] are mature enough people that they are aware of their degree of responsibility in political matters.”

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