Supposed Estonian spy arrested in Russia not Estonian citizen ({{commentsTotal}})

The registration department of Tartu’s county court suspended Arsen Mardaleišvili’s membership in the Estonian United Left Party (EULP) on Thursday. Mardaleišvili was arrested in Russia last week and is suspected of having collected intelligence for Estonian authorities.

Mardaleišvili couldn’t be a member of an Estonian political party, as he isn’t an Estonian or EU citizen, daily Postimees reported. Mardaleišvili had been a member of the party since 2008.

Asked if the court was planning to nullify Mardaleišvili’s party membership on the grounds of his not being a citizen, press spokeswoman Krista Tamm said that for now he had been removed from the party’s list as prescribed by the Political Parties Act.

At the time Mardaleišvili had become a member of the party, citizenship hadn’t been checked automatically, Tamm added.

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