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Paul Kristjan Lilje is leaving his post as the current leader of the team working on updating Estonia’s national brand before the country's 100th birthday. His yet-unnamed replacement, who begins work on June 1, is also slated to become the new marketing director for Enterprise Estonia.

Enterprise Estonia’s Communications Director Priit Pruul told that Lilje’s work obligations will end at the end of the month, and his replacement will start work on June 1.

According to Pruul, there were multiple factors involved in the change in leadership, however deficiencies in Lilje's work was not of them.

The main reason cited by the communications director was the fact that Enterprise Estonia does not currently have a marketing director, and as matters pertaining to the future of Estonia’s image remained unresolved, there was a need for someone who would carry that project forward as well. Regarding Lilje’s work, Pruul noted that things would be wrapped up to some extent to allow for the next person to continue working on the project. He added, however, that the country’s branding project would not be the only task for which the new hire will be responsible.

Enterprise Estonia’s communications director confirmed that a new person had already been chosen for the job, however the foundation does not plan to reveal their identity until next week.

“This is someone who has very extensive experience in the marketing field — who is a highly rated specialist,” noted Pruul.

Enterprise Estonia’s 2015 search for a new national brand for Estonia was declared a failure in March of this year. Despite receiving over 700 different designs for the next logo to represent the Estonian brand, organizers stated that the contest did not receive the kind of designs whose “further development would have led to the best possible results.”

The prize fund of 10,000 euros was split among the contest’s finalists.

The final stage of the brand renewal project is slated to coincide with the Estonian presidency of the European Union as well as the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Estonian independence in 2018.

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