€5.6 million border guard complex to open in Piusa on Friday ({{commentsTotal}})

The final construction costs of Estonia’s new border guard station in Piusa, near the country’s southeastern border, clocked in at 5.6 million euros, while the three-story main building together with its associated structures total 2,500 square meters, or over 26,900 square feet, in size.

While the Estonian Government held a field session at the Piusa station on Thursday afternoon already, the main building’s grand opening will take place on Friday.

The border guard complex includes its main building, a vehicle shelter and kennels for border guard dogs. The main building includes modern living and leisure quarters for border guards, a gym, sauna, cafeteria, and storage rooms for uniforms and equipment. The building also houses two detention cells.

According to the Government Communication Office, the Piusa complex is one of Estonia’s most modern security buildings, which will serve as an important base not just for border guards, but for the Estonian border patrol’s special unit as well, which handles such tasks as enhanced border operations involving illegal border crossings and smugglers as well as the capture of armed criminals.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik