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Electricity production for the Estonian market could be twice lower, network operator Elering’s CEO, Taavi Veskimägi, told daily Postimees. This would be more sensible economically, and Elering would still have the capacity to supply Estonia even if local production were reduced to zero.

Considering the single European market and network, the requirement that enough electricity needed to be produced domestically to cover 110% of peak-usage demand was outdated, Veskimägi said.

Elering could guarantee the supply of all consumers even in the case of a complete halt of all electricity production in Estonia, even though the ideal situation in terms of economic development would be if Estonia could become a production country that exported energy. But for this, the country needed power stations able to compete in the open market, Veskimägi said.

He pointed out that as there was a single electricity market and network in Europe, such a thing as the Estonian electricity market didn’t actually exist. Together with the Nordic and Baltic countries, Estonia formed a very well-working part of the larger European market.

The reality of a larger regional market going beyond the country’s borders demanded regional solutions to guarantee supply as well, Veskimägi added.

Eesti Energia’s Narva power plants were only part of a much larger regional network of other energy producers, and Estonia’s electricity supply wasn’t guaranteed only by Eesti Energia’s capacity, but by all the power producers in the region, he said.

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