Mihkel Raud leaves politics ({{commentsTotal}})

Writer, TV personality, singer-songwriter, journalist, and politician Mihkel Raud announced on Tuesday that he is leaving politics to concentrate on his TV3 talkshow. Raud was elected to the Riigikogu for Tartu in 2015 and is a member of the Social Democratic Party.

Raud said in his announcement to ERR that he wasn’t disappointed in the Riigikogu. The vast majority of the members of parliament put their heart into their work and had a sense of responsibility, he said, and added that he was disappointed in himself rather than in others. He had turned into a bad politician by his own definition.

Raud will return with his TV3 talkshow “Kolmeraudne” (a pun on his name, meaning three-barrelled, as in a three-barrelled rifle) in autumn.

“I’ll again ask my guests the questions I believe the Estonian people would want to ask them,” Raud said. “There are plenty of questions, especially now, as Estonia’s development has obviously come to a standstill and we’re revising plenty of very basic decisions of the last decades.” He added that those in power needed to be asked as much as those who wished to be in power.

In the 2015 Riigikogu elections, Raud had 3,229 votes to his name. In the Riigikogu, Raud is a member of the Cultural Affairs Committee.

Before his stint in politics, Raud was well known for his versatile career as a singer, writer, songwriter, TV presenter, and journalist. He has played guitar in several bands, among them Golem, Metallist, Kulo, legendary Estonian group Singer Vinger, Ba-Bach, Mr. Lawrence, and also together with Lenna Kuurmaa.

Members of the Social Democratic Party most likely to follow are Toomas Jürgenstein of Tartu, and if he should reject the mandate, Gea Kangilaski, also of Tartu.

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