Savisaar would run for president if chosen by his party ({{commentsTotal}})

Center Party chairman Edgar Savisaar announced in a public speech on Tuesday evening that he is available to become a candidate for the presidency. If he was president, he would not abandon his present views and would carry on with Centrist politics, he added.

The party's council will choose the party's official candidate on Jun. 11. Another Center Patry member who has previously announced her intention to run is Mailis Reps. Other names that were mentioned are Peeter Ernits and Marina Riisalu.

Savisaar thanked his supporters and said that their enthusiasm inspired him to run for president.

He and Siim Kallas would likely be the strongest candidates, Savisaar said. He added that he was probably the only person in Estonian politics supported by both Estonian and Russian speakers.

Savisaar stressed that although he had said, it wasn't certain that he would be chosen as the Center Party's official candidate. The decision was with the council.

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Source: BNS