Estonian beverage producer Koch to invest 600,000€ in development, eyes 30% of market ({{commentsTotal}})

An alcohol store in Estonia.
An alcohol store in Estonia. Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Estonian alcoholic beverage producer Koch OÜ is set to invest 600,000 euros in product development, production equipment and packaging this year, and has set its sights on a market share of 30 percent among Estonian producers of hard liquor.

“To remain competitive, what we need is not only stable and high-quality but also active product development in order to come up with new tastes as well as new packaging,” Ivar Grossev, board member at Koch, told BNS on Monday.

He stated that since Koch products were competing not only with the output of other Estonian producers but also with large international brands, large-scale investments in product development are inevitable.

“In the production of vodka, gin and liqueurs alike, we have significantly increased the use of natural ingredients, as well as put 100 percent organic products on the market,” said Grossev.

In addition to product development for its hard liquors, Koch is slated to make investments in expanding technical possibilities for the production of craft beers as well.

Koch currently produces 97 different beverages, and expect to introduce 30 new products this year as well. Its main production facilities are situated in Näpi, just outside of the Lääne-Viru city of Rakvere.

Company sales reached 16.5 million euros in 2015, and are expected to hit 23 million euros this year.

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Source: BNS