Estonians top Russians in Finnish real estate acquisitions in 2015 ({{commentsTotal}})

Interior of a new house being finished. Photo is illustrative. Source: (Ants Liigus/Pärnu Postimees)

Estonians conducted 256 real estate acquisition transacions in Finland in 2015, leaving Russians in second place with just 181 transactions, reported Finnish agricultural newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus.

Swedes, Germans and Britons followed with 109, 70 and 36 acquisitions respectively.

According to Juhani Vaananen, lead expert at the National Land Survey of Finland, buyers from China have emerged as a whole new category.

Real estate purchases by Estonians have been ongoing since 2009, with the category of property most frequently purchased in Finland by their southern neighbors being family homes.

The number of properties being bought by Russians in Finland has remained on the decline after peaking at 780 in 2008.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik

Source: BNS

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