Väätsa council to continue merger discussions with Türi Parish ({{commentsTotal}})

Since the beginning of 2016, Järva County’s Väätsa Parish has held talks regarding a possible merger with two potential partners. The parish council decided during its Thursday session, however, to continue merger discussions with Türi Parish and drop the subject with the Central Estonian city of Paide.

In making its decision, the parish council took into consideration the fact that public favor for one or the other possible merger was about equal, which meant that the decision was ultimately based on long-term future development perspectives, gauging Väätsa’s development prospects as better in merging with Türi Pärish.

“Negotiations have certainly not come to an end for Väätsa,” explained Väätsa Parish Mayor Lauri Läänemets. “More detailed discussions yet lay ahead, and we have issues important to Väätsa residents that still require clarification with both representatives from Türi and Käru Parishes as well as residents of Väätsa, for example the financing of education and transportation to Türi.”

Six council members voted in favor of continuing merger discussions with Türi Parish, while three voted in favor of continuing talks with the city of Paide; two council members did not participate in Thursday’s session.

As a result of negotiations, a merger contract with Türi Parish will be drawn up by fall which will be put to a referendum after being introduced to and discussed with the residents of Väätsa Parish.

Türi Parish presented formal proposals to begin negotiating the administrative-territorial reorganization and merging of local governments to Imavere, Väätsa and Käru Parishes. Imavere has rejected Türi’s proposal.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik

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