Estonian Tax Board to stop issuing Finnish tax numbers ({{commentsTotal}})

As of June 29, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board will stop issuing personalized tax numbers on behalf of Finland; in the future, Estonians slated to begin working in construction in Finland must apply for a tax number directly from the Finnish Tax Administration.

Under a joint pilot project between the tax authorities of the two countries, 543 workers heading to work in Finland received their Finnish tax number in Estonia, spokespeople for the Estonian Tax and Customs Board said.

“Our experience to date has demonstrated that there is interest for cross-border services like this and that they are used when possible,” said Rivo Reitmann, director of the Service Department at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. “We will definitely look for similar areas of cooperation in the future.”

As of January 1, 2012, anyone working on a construction site in Finland must have a personalized tax number and wear a corresponding name tag with photo. This requirement applies to supervisors, architects, and cleaning and security personnel as well.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik

Source: BNS