Greece sends files of 20 refugees to Estonia in June ({{commentsTotal}})

During the month of June, Greek authorities have forwarded the files of a total of 20 refugees to Estonia for review prior to their potential relocation, while Turkey has not sent any.

In June, Greece forwarded the files of four families, a total of 20 people, to Estonia, spokespeople for the Ministry of the Interior told BNS. Three families are from Syria and one is from Iraq, and the biggest of these families is six members in size.

“Interviews with the refugees to be possibly relocated to Estonia whose files were forwarded in May have been conducted, and proceedings are ongoing,” they added.

Turkish authorities have yet to send any refugee files in June. In May, Turkey forwarded the files of 20 refugees to Estonia, of whom ten received a negative answer and the other half for whom proceedings are still ongoing. The first refugee families may arrive in the country from Turkey sometime in July.

A total of 27 refugees coming from Greece have been relocated in Estonia so far.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik

Source: BNS