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Nordica’s most prominent management member and head of its commercial operations, Erik Sakkov, announced on Wednesday that he was stepping down. In his usual casual demeanor, Sakkov let ERR know that “everything is okay” and asked for people not to go and look for conflicts.

Sakkov didn’t answer ERR’s question if his resignation was connected with disagreements with the company’s supervisory board, or the board’s chairman. Although this hasn’t been officially commented, discord between Nordica’s management and board has lasted for more than a month.

“I’ve given all I have to give. Nordica has a strong foundation, and things can only get better from here. Enthusiastic and experienced people work for Nordica, and the company is in good hands. The last nine months have doubtlessly been the toughest of my life and have worn me out physically, spiritually, and in terms of morale. Now I’d like to be with my family and raise my little son, rest, recover, and make music,” Sakkov declared by means of a press release.

The same release also stated that he was leaving on his own initiative, and for personal reasons. Asked about it, Sakkov said that there was no connection between his leaving and Nordica’s latest projected loss of €15m for its first business year.

“The results are tip-top. Publish this press release as it was sent out, and let people celebrate Midsummer in peace,” Sakkov told ERR.

Nordica’s management continues with two members, CEO Jaan Tamm, and chief financial officer Ahto Pärl.

Tamm said Nordica was losing a valued leader, and that he was sorry about it. “At the same time I know that Erik has charged Nordica’s batteries for a long time to come. I’m sure that our whole team agrees with this and I believe that Erik’s dedication to the company is respected and seen by our customers as well. As Erik’s friend, I understand his decision and support him,” Tamm added.

Chairman of Nordica’s supervisory board Peeter Tohver thanked Sakkov for “his great dedication to getting Nordica started.” He added that Sakkov was one of Estonia’s most outstanding marketers, “whose clear vision, great will for action, and focus motivated everybody else in the company”.

Before joining the Nordic Aviation Group (now operating under the Nordica brand) in autumn last year, Sakkov had worked as commercial director of Tallinn Airport for six years.

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