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More than 70 assaults, 24 accidents, three dead: The long Midsummer weekend was work-intensive for the Estonian police. Most calls were related to excessive alcohol consumption.

The police reported on Monday that they had concentrated on traffic, different events, bonfires, and on keeping up the public order.

Chief of operations of the North police prefecture, Ivo Utsar, said on Monday that the police had to move out both in the cities and in the countryside. Utsar stated that the long holiday weekend brought with it plenty of incidences where people “solved their problems with their fists” or disturbed the public order.

Most calls, in some way or the other, were related to excessive drinking.

In four days, more than 70 assaults were registered. “Attacking others at a party or hitting your spouse at home is never justified. Unfortunately two people were killed as well, one involved excessive drinking,” Utsar said.

The police also removed more than 200 drunk drivers from traffic, including two bus drivers, several scooter drivers, and just under 50 criminally intoxicated drivers.

“Every driver who gets behind the wheel after having consumed alcohol thoughtlessly accepts risks and puts others’ lives in danger. The police resolutely stopped such drivers,” Utsar added.

According to the police, eight people have already been arrested, and several are still waiting for a judge’s verdict.

From Midsummer Eve to Sunday, one person died and 26 were injured in a total of 24 traffic accidents. Four of the accidents were caused by drunk drivers.

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