Government reorganizes Ministry of Defence ({{commentsTotal}})

The government confirmed at its press conference on Thursday that the structure of the Ministry of Defence is to be changed. This includes top positions in the ministry, some of which won’t be needed anymore at all.

Three departments of the ministry will be merged into a single investment department, which will deal with defense spending. The current finance department will be closed, and its tasks reassigned between the Defence Forces and other offices

The changes will reduce the number of deputy secretaries general from four to three and the number of department chiefs from 19 to 15. The total staff of the ministry will shrink by about 30, most of the positions of which will be reassigned to other government authorities. The ministry’s administrative accounting will be merged with similar divisions of other military and security authorities.

The general idea behind the changes is to move jobs and programs connected to investment in new military equipment and infrastructure away from the ministry and to the corresponding authorities instead. This, the government hopes, will have the ministry focus more on its core assignments.

The changes will enter into effect on Jan. 1, 2017.

Editor: Editor: Dario Cavegn