VIDEOS: Thunderstorms hit South and East Estonia, outages affect more than 19,000 households ({{commentsTotal}})

The weather service issued a level one storm warning on Sunday. Heavy rain, thunderstorms, and strong winds brought down trees, knocked out electricity lanes, and flooded roads and town centers in South and East Estonia.

In the Ida-Viru, Jõgeva, Järva, Lääne-Viru, Põlva, Tartu, Valga, Viljandi, and Võru counties, wind speeds reached more than 20 m/s. The Rescue Board reported that among a whole series of other accidents, cars had been hit by falling trees in Valga and Võru County.

In East Estonia, more than 10,000 households were without electricity. In the southern counties of Põlva, Võru, and Tartu, outages affected some 9,400 households. Other countries were affected as well, though on a smaller scale.

The Rescue Board cautioned people to spend as little time out in the open as possible. The storm did its worst damage in the southernmost region of the country, where the otherwise quiet lakes around Pühajärve were stirred up so violently that boats capsized and sank.


Video taken in Pühajärve:


Reader videos of the thunderstorms that hit the South, and the damage done:



Some of the Rescue Board's Twitter feed of Sunday, Jul. 3:

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