U.S. pioneer unit serving in Estonia to rotate this week ({{commentsTotal}})

U.S. Army personnel celebrate the 4th of July, Tapa, 2016.
U.S. Army personnel celebrate the 4th of July, Tapa, 2016. Source: (mil.ee)

With an engineer construction company of the U.S. Army about to rotate out of Estonia, their replacements have arrived. The two units will be in the country simultaneously until the end of the week.

The 902nd Engineer Construction Company of the 15th Engineer Battalion of the U.S. Army has been active in the Estonian Defence Forces' Central training area the past couple of months. They've built a road for heavy equipment as well as foundations for buildings that will be used to store training equipment.

They also built a children's playhouse and a toolshed for a local school as well as replaced an old bridge in a manor park.

The unit to replace the 902th is the 500th Engineer Support Company of the 15th Engineer Battalion. Until the end of the rotation, which will end in about a week, both units will be in Estonia simultaneously. The rotating unit consists of about 130 people and nearly 100 units of equipment.

The 15th Engineer Battalion is permanently stationed in Grafenwohr, Germany.


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