Päevaleht: Military staff arrested for smuggling firearm parts off Tapa base ({{commentsTotal}})

Three military staff were arrested in Tapa in early June who together with a group of three others are suspected of having smuggled weapons parts off the local military base and sold them on the black market.

Six men are connected to the criminal case, which in the meantime has become an open secret. The personnel of the Tapa base know about it, though nobody wants to talk about it, daily Päevaleht wrote on Thursday.

One of the three men arrested apparently brought the weapons parts out of storage and off the base, where others took over and sold them.

The group were caught because they got too bold. They posted classified ads on domestic as well as foreign websites looking for a particular type of workbench typically used to clean and assemble firearms not intended for civilian use.

Spokesman of the State Prosecutor’s office, Kaarel Kallas, confirmed that an investigation began in early 2016 dealing with the illegal handling of firearms forbidden for civilian use.

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