Russian envoy: Ratification of border treaty with Estonia hampered by bad relations ({{commentsTotal}})

The ratification of the border treaty between Estonia and Russia was hindered by tensions in bilateral relations, Russian Ambassador to Estonia Alexander Petrov was quoted in Russian newspaper Izvestiya on Friday.

"We have repeatedly told Estonia's representatives that the ratification of the border treaties requires a suitable atmosphere – namely, that the parties refrain from creating tensions," Petrov said. "This hasn't happened so far.”

Petrov also pointed to the detaining of a delegation of Pskov officials on their way to Tartu at the Estonian border on May 9.

"In addition, I have been summoned several times to the [Estonian] Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with alleged violations of Estonian airspace. After each such protest, Moscow has forwarded through the Estonian embassy information which clearly shows that no violation took place. But this has not changed the Estonian side's position," the ambassador said.

Already back in mid-May, Petrov said in an interview with Russian news agency Interfax that the ratification of the Estonian-Russian treaties on land and maritime borders in the present State Duma was hindered by recent Estonian steps that Moscow considered to be unfriendly.

The Estonian parliament completed the first reading of the Bill on the Ratification of the State Border Treaty between the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation and the Treaty on the Delimitation of Maritime Areas of Narva Bay and the Gulf of Finland between the Republic of Estonia and the Russian Federation on Nov. 25, 2015.


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