Registered unemployment declines to 4.3% in June ({{commentsTotal}})

The number of people without a job in Estonia dropped by 3 percent — or 855 people — in June, and at the end of the month, a total of 27,209 people, making up 4.3 percent of the working-age population, were registered as unemployed.

According to the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund (EUIF), the rate of registered unemployment remained highest in Ida-Viru County at 10.6 percent, followed by Valga County at 7.9 percent, and lowest in Harju and Tartu Counties at three and 3.1 percent, respectively. Registered joblessness decreased across all counties compared to the previous month, with the greatest reductions, of half a percentage point each, were registered in Ida-Viru and Hiiu Counties.

Skilled labor, craftsmen and manual labor made up the greatest portions of those registered unemployed who had previously worked, each accounting for 18 percent of the total, while service and sales personnel accounted for 17 percent.

There were a total of 4,364 new job offers and 10,133 jobs available via the fund in the month of June, during which 3,175 people found work or started businesses with the help of the Unemployment Insurance

Skilled workers, craftsmen and manual workers made up the biggest portions of the registered jobless who had previously worked, accounting for 18 percent of the total each, with service and sales personnel accounting for 17 percent.

New job offers numbered 4,364 and the number of jobs available via the fund totaled 10,133 in June. During the month 3,175 people found work or started business with help from the EUIF.

Recipients of unemployment insurance benefits numbered 11,427, making up just 36 percent of the total number of registered jobless in the country. The average benefit per calendar month was 422 euros, and the total sum disbursed was approximately 4.2 million euros. The basic unemployment allowance of 137 euros per month was paid out to 6,977 persons, 22 percent of the total number of registered jobless.

Severance benefits, the average size of which was 1,704 euros in June, were paid to 713 people; a total of more than one million euros were paid out in severance benefits.

Benefits in case of employer insolvency, the average size of which was 2,127 euros, was awarded to 156 persons; overall more than 440,000 euros were disbursed via this benefit.

The benefit in case of insolvency of the employer was awarded to 156 persons. The average size of the benefit was 2,127 euros and overall more than 440,000 euros was disbursed under that item.


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Source: BNS

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