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New conscripts settling into their barracks at Tapa Army Base. July 4, 2016.
New conscripts settling into their barracks at Tapa Army Base. July 4, 2016. Source: (Sander Mändoja/

A total of 1,786 young Estonians began conscript service in the Estonian Defence Forces last week, of which one third of them entered into service voluntarily, including 16 women.

"Conscientious young people who have clear goals and objectives do not await a service summons by the Defense Resources Agency, but rather file an application in grade 12 already so that they can start conscript service immediately after high school and at the time best suited for them," stated the Defence Resources Agency. "In this way, they can better plan their further studies and career after conscript service."

The agency noted that it was content with the outcome of the July call-up, as 569 young people, or 32 percent of the total number of new conscripts, entered service as volunteers.

"The ratio of volunteer conscripts has been in the area of 30 percent year after year, which is clear evidence of us having a generation of young people motivated to defend the country," the agency said.

Most of the conscripts who start their service in July will be trained as reserve squad commanders or platoon commanders during 11 months.

Among the nearly 1,800 to enter conscription in early July were 16 female volunteers.

The summer call-up focuses on young people who have graduated from secondary school or university, which is why the 11-month service cyle focuses on NCO training and is a conscious choice for many young people.

New conscripts are summoned for service in Estonia in January, July and October of every year, of which the July call-up is the largest in size.

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