Transformer shutoff in northern Saaremaa substation leaves over 11,000 homes without power ({{commentsTotal}})

Shortly after noon on Thursday, a transformer shut off in Leisi substation on Saaremaa's northern coast, which caused a large-scale power outage on the island of Hiiumaa and northern parts of Saaremaa.

One of Leisi substation's two transformers was not in operating mode during ongoing renovations to the substation, and so the second transformer's shutoff led to the widescale power outage.

Approximately 10,000 households in Hiiumaa and 1,200 households in Saaremaa are still without power.

Elering, operator of Estonia's national transmission grid, is continuing to work on restoring power to customers as quickly as possible.

Editor: Editor: Aili Sarapik